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Thursday, 25 August 2016

26 August

 the weather has cooled off a bit -

temperatures are in the lower 80
which is about 15 degrees 
lower than they have been

and the humidity is about normal again.

Evenings are cooler and I've been having apples and cheeses 

as a light dinner when I get home from work

The tansy is blooming in the fields. I love it's little yellow buttons

it looks so pretty next to the Queen Anne's Lace.

I went to the Salem Jazz and Soul Fest on Saturday with my mum and sister.

My brother is a co-founder of the event.

 We ran into some cousins from my father's side of the family while we were there.

We hadn't seen them in years and years!

 Sunday my eldest daughter and I went to Theatre in the Open

to see a very intimate production of King Lear

in the park.

I snapped a picture of my daughter while she wasn't looking.

She's so beautiful and smart. 

25 August

My daughter, Hannah, and I went to the Theatre in the open on Sunday evening.

The walk through the wood was lined with flags

We spread out on the hillside with rather an intimate audience.

King Lear

Sadly, things did not end well for the ladies Goneril or Regan...

or almost any one else as it turns out....

The evening breeze picked up through the branches and rustled the leaves

at the most opportune moments in the production...

almost as if Shakespeare himself were there directing the elements.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

walking wild

into the garden.....

where the wild is tendered

and the tender is wild

where did you find your wild this week?

Go outside.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Monday, 22 August 2016

22 August

the good

 One evening about ten years ago, my brother and some friends were sitting at a bar in Salem, MA

lamenting the fact that there were no good music festivals there.

So....they started the Salem Jazz and Soul Fest.

Ten years later he is now one of the co-founders and the executive director.

They have donated over 50,000 dollars to the North Shore public schools music programs!

the fun

My sister was here over the weekend and we brought her dog, Sadie, to Dog beach!

Although we had a doggie frisbee and a tennis ball, Sadie preferred to wade into the water,

find a clam shell, drag it back in with her feet, duck completely under water, and then pick it up 

and run into shore with it!

So silly!!

the random 

Yesterday while I was there with my mum and sister, 

we bumped into some of our Claflin cousins!

We hadn't seen some of them in over 20 years!

Turns out one of them was volunteering at the SJSF that afternoon!

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